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In today’s high-tech world, a day without your iPhone or spent waiting on a sluggish PC isn’t inconvenient, it’s paralyzing. Photos don’t get added to your Instagram, friends are denied your hilarious Facebook posts, and – oh yeah- work is postponed. Before you drag yourself to your local library because you think you can’t afford repairs, or fight Brandon traffic because you are sure your MacBook has a virus only an Apple nerd at the Genius Bar can fix, give us a call. We are your neighborhood tech nerds and we can complete most repairs same-day so you can get back to your life - and to your status updates.

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Computer Repair

We’ve been fixing computers and techie gadgets for half a century- that’s longer than those cats at the Geek Squad have been alive. You know what this means? We’ve fixed everything from Radio Shack TRS 80s to Apple machines and iPhones in Lakeland, Fl. We can fix your computer, too.We are proud to say our services and warranties are similar to – and possibly better than -those offered at an Apple store. Plus, you don’t have to endure Tampa rush hour traffic, fight the mall crowd, and stand in the back of a long line at Apple’s Genius Bar.Because our overhead is lower than that of the computer repair guy in the mall, we can pass our savings to you. Call us today for quality service at a price that won’t leave you wishing you had just gone ahead and purchased a new computer instead.


 Computer Networking  Services

Your network and computer go hand-in-hand, so when your network is running slow or it’s down, your computer is rendered useless. You can’t call just anyone to fix it, either. You need a reliable expert who is but a phone call away, and you’ve come to the right place for that.Our computer networking services are for businesses and individuals, and include setup, training, ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.No matter the problem, we’ve got a solution for your networking issues.


iPhone & iPod Repairs

A busted iPhone screen isn’t that big of a deal as long as the phone still functions, right? Wrong. Your iPhone’s screen protects the digitizer, which is the magical tool that transmits information when you touch something on your screen. Picking up a date off of Tinder could be harmful to your health if the glass on your iPhone is a spider web of cracks. You practically could sever a finger swiping left or right.On a more serious note, a cracked iPhone screen can leave the digitizer exposed to dust, dirt and water, all of which can cause additional damage to your phone. Once this damage occurs, a repair that once involved simply replacing your screen can become more costly.

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